Friday, July 10, 2009

i wish there's a winter here:)

items :
red coat – gee eight
white basic tee
brown shawl – nyla
black skinny pants – icon
sling bag – bali
my mom’s handmade necklace
converse sneakers

this red coat was stayed on my cabinet for ages!!!
i think i have to wear this for one or two times
poor it! haha xD
bcs too hot if i wear this coat in my town
(surabaya gt loouuhhh haha)
sorry, honey :(

anyway, i love my first pic! >.<
i edited by myself and i like that!!

more on :
please vote if u like my outfit and give sum comments
somuch love
and thx anyway!


  1. niaaa :]
    you look fab, princess. yes, i wish we have winter too.

  2. that coat is absolutely beautiful. though the fashion can be fun, trust me when i say winter is not so great. i grew up in ohio in the US, and i could definitely have done without 20" of snow on a regular basis!

  3. @onic? huaaaa princess?! thats too far! :(

    @jane : oh really? i really dunno about winter.
    but if i see a video or pic with winter background, it was kinda interesting i thought! haha xDD
    my country, indonesia just have 2 season (tropic country). just summer and rainy :(