Sunday, May 24, 2009

hero's monument

outfits :
black top - magnolia
polkadot skirt - unknown
black lace up boots - custom made shoes (PUPPYCAKE!)
black purse - fioo
blinky scarf - centro, bali

i had a photo shoots (again) with some friends
at tugu pahlawan surabaya
-hero's monument-
as usual, with andry, pina, diar and 2 other friends (andry's friends) yudi and odjie

i want to made kind of gothic look
but.. it was still had a chic sense! haha
no prob..
gothic but chic, why not? xDD

actually, we want taken some photos at house of sampoerna
but we changed the place! hohohoh
tugu pahlawan is a nice place too to take some pics
not bad :D

(models : me and pina)
the photos were taken by andry, yudi, and odjie

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somuch love, bunny

Friday, May 22, 2009


im so godamn sad and confused
my online shop account in FB has been disabled!!
direct from FB team
i dunno what's the problem
maybe, because i added friends too much (overload) in lil' time
ow ow ow

i just sent my email to FB team
and i hope my online shop account come back soon!!

oh yeaaa..
on my online shop, i sell custom made shoes
u can make ur shoes with ur own style u want it!
and surely with the lower price than the others

if my account is back, please check it okay :)

i'll post some of my online shop's collections soon
so u can see it directly from my blog

i only sell for shoes
i opened this online store with my friend, REVINA :)
she's from bogor but she's doing her college in bandung now
her bf is my bf's friend


taken by : me
pina - andry - diar - daniar

nia - pina

nia - pina

nia - diar - pina

continued from kunang-kunang photo session with my friends
remember that?

these are some of the other photos!

*these all photos were taken by : andry budie laksana*

spreading spring

i dunno why i loved this pic sodamn much!

this pic was taken by : bella

two versions of the absurd bella xp

model : NABELLA

these pics was taken by me at my car's garage @ my house
then i edited them
totally love with these pics!

the wind blows

outfits :
purple hippie headband : bigboxx
denim jacket : unknown
pink floral dress : bali (my mom gave me)
white wedge shoes : gaudi
beige purse : aigner
necklace : my mom's handmade (she's so creative 'bout handmade necklace)

my mom's handmade necklace

gaudi's white wedge shoes

model : nabella
her pictures were taken by me :D



i <3 this pic sooo

oh well, i had photo session with nabella at house of sampoerna few days ago :)

she wore a very cute outfit
colours play i think
and i wore kind of spring outfit. heheh

and do u believe it?
actually, my dress is a maxi dress
but i don't really like it. rrr..
so, with all my best, i changed it become a short dress like.. (u can see it hehe)

she taken my picture
then i taken her picture
haha xD

i also can learned and raised my photography skills
because im a newbie for it :p

also check this out on :
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Monday, May 18, 2009


my friend offered this hoodie to me :D

my friend, ADIT, from bandung just offered his hoodie to me
because he seldom to used it
and he needs money
actually.. to buy a refrigerator! hahaa silly!

the hoodie was from DROPDEAD clothings
i heart all the designs from them
they had many funny cloth designs!
DROPDEAD is a clothing brand that endorsed some of bands in abroad
like.. mm, BRING ME THE HORIZON for example
because they had becoming a SUPERSTAR band in this days. zz-____-

but, i got a problem with the cost
it's lil' bit pricey. hahaha
Rp. 600.000,- (around US $57)
OH LORD my head just shaked!

im trying to save my money to buy it
wish me!
because i want that hoodie soooo!

my BF have a nice hoodie too!
but in the different brand
it's his fav hoodie all the time. zz
JOHNNY CUPCAKES is a clothing brand from abroad that endorsed some of bands too

i hope all that brands will be available in INDONESIA
but.. i hope NOT!
because of that who made the brands so special 'cause it's hard to find it in INDONESIA


ooppss sorry. i found trouble in searching pic of my bf's hoodie now
i'll post it soon if i get the pic :)

click on :


STARRING by : TOM HANKS, for certain

this is the greatest movie ever!!
just watch it if u wanna kno the details
hahahah xD

Sunday, May 17, 2009


BAYU at House of Sampoerna

RAMA at House of Sampoerna

YUPI. RAMA. BAYU at House of Sampoerna

ME. Captured by pina

Close-up of PINA

YUPI at House of Sampoerna

RAMA. YUPI. BAYU at House of Sampoerna

Some of my shoots with my new camera :D

my new canon eos 1000d

Canon EOS 1000d

Sony Cybershot DSC-T300

finally, i got my new dSLR canon eos 1000d xDD
really happy for it
actually, i planned to bought canon eos 450d
but it rejected by my mom :(
no problemoooooo~

usually, i taken my pics with sony cyber shot DSC-T300
that's my brother's own
but i often to used it. heheh :D

im studying to take some pics now
my friends will teach me!
i wish i can capture some of nice pics someday
hohoho :D

thx mom! thx dad!<3>