Friday, June 26, 2009

transformers 2 : revenge of the fallen

optimus prime just became a new super-hero (like batman, superman, spiderman, man man man.. hahaha) in nowday!

shia labeouf

megan fox and shia labeouf in action

bumblebee lovey! >.<

this is the crowded movie ever!!
gahh, i didn't got any ticket in first day (premiere)
so i watched it one day after premiere (it means : yesterday)
great movie!
but it's not too amazing like i imagined before. haha
yeaaa 1-1 with transformers 1

im so in love with bumblebee!
he's a cute and very faithful robot!
oh my <('^')>
im wondering to have a robot like him! HAHAA..

okay.. megan fox!
she's too sexy to be a woman!!
it's not fair, right?!
wow. surely, she have a perfect body like all women wanna have! xDD
very cute couple with shia labeouf<3
and she became more pretty and hawt here (than transformers 1)
ouch!! she's so cool lady
pretty amazeddddd with her style!!

i adored sir lennox too!
do u have a same perception with me that he's so cute and gentleman??

u have to watch it!!

michael jackson RIP :((

huff.. im very sorry about the death of michael jackson.
he died because an cardiac arrest.
too sad! :‘(
and we’ve lost our world superstar!
i think he’s reasonable become one of a legends of world music industry.
and sure, he has became a style icon!!

rest in peace uncle jacko :)
we always pray for ur happiness there!

the coward snipers!

stuffs :
leopard scarf became a hippie headstuff : online store
drop dead gorgeous original metals band tshirt : from my bf
black acid wash jeans
purple statement heels : xavier
(same heels with my outfit before – sweet enemy mine)
wood bracelets : mirota

i changed my leopard scarf became a headstuff!
so hippie and sure, i love it! xDD

these are some of my weird poses!

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somuch love
and thx anyway! xD

Monday, June 22, 2009

sweet enemy mine:)

stuffs :
white loose shirt
black shorts – magnolia
purple statement shoes – xavier
my mom’s handmade earings :)
oversized sunglasses

my mom's handmade earings :)

my new statement shoes
i love the colors and design! xD

i chosen to wore this kind of simple outfit
i think, wore this outfit will be more comfortable if u live in my town
because my town is super-hot famous town in indonesia

and do u believe it who's taken all these photos?
(also photos of 'another heart calls' and '3 centos and a bottle of moca mola')
it was my nephew's babysitter!
hahaha xDD

my friend just didn't believed it!

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thx anyway

Sunday, June 21, 2009

this is not just a fairy tale

location : bukit kapur, gresik

location : bukit kapur, gresik

stuffs :
black ruffled top - gift from my mom
black obi belt -
plaid ruffled skirt -
gift from my mom

white bangle

black flats -
charles & keith

location : bukit kapur, gresik

nia - thita - pina
location : jalan gula

location : jalan gula

location : bukit kapur, gresik

had some photo shoots with my friends
location : jalan gula and bukit kapur, gresik
it was too hot at that time!
shit :(
surabaya is really really fuckin' hot city

the photos taken by : mr. rahadi and mr. danang
models : nia, pina, and thita

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3 centos and a bottle of moca mola

stuffs :
brown scarf – nyla
black top – magnolia
black skinny pants – icons
zippered heels – charles & keith
handbag – chanel (from my mom)
diamond patterned bracelet

in other side :)

zippered heels that i found at charles & keith

diamond patterned bangle

"audrey hepburn look alike"

"remembering me about nichole richie"

"hollywood glamorous"

my friends on chictopia said that
are u sure?

oh. that's too sweet! :(
and im too shy, fo sure!

i dont even think that i dressed up like them
they are too far and more high class!

but, i really appreciated it somuch!!<3

well, it means i dressed 60's classically just nicely done
it was worked! :)

thankyou fellas!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

another heart calls

stuffs :
1. fedora hat – chaos online shop
2. white glasses
3. black top - magnolia
4. black cardigan – zara
5. red tights
(thx to revina for bought me this! muach)
6. two-tone flat shoes – wondershoe
(i bought it from wondershoe's online shop)
check :
7. my aunty’s handmade belt
8. beige purse – aigner

two-tone flat shoes
from :

i wore this outfit when i watched terminator salvation with my brother and sister :D

i inspired this outfit from a girl on lookbook!
she wore a simple outfit but still have a great sense and very catchy in my eyes
so, i tried to mix and match it up!


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thx anyway

bayu's bday bash!

taken by aresta :]

stuffs :
vintage stripes dress - magnolia
black high waist shorts - magnolia
red point shoes - bellagio
beige purse : aigner
red ribbon necklace - chaos online shop (new stuff!)
vintage bandana


with rama my bestie :)

[ rama. dodo. rani. yupi. ndha. sylva. bayu. ugenk. komang ]
in front of d'cost

[ ugenk. nia. rama. aresta. yupi. komang. bayu. rani ]

[ ugenk. nia. rama. aresta. yupi. komang (blured). bayu. rani ]

these are some photos from bayu's bday
we took a dinner at d'cost pakuwon :)
they are my friends from medical faculty '06 of airlangga university
(too proud of it. tehee)

we had fun at matchbox cafe after dinner!

i wore a new stuff on my outfit
guess it. heheh :D

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