Friday, August 21, 2009

my daily songs on nowadays

here it is my daily songs on nowadays :

1. anthony green (ex-saosin's vox) + colin frangicetto - i've been dying to reach you

2. friday night boys - that's what she said

3. all time low - shameless

4. all time low - vegas

5. anthony green + colin frangicetto - babygirl

6. black eyed peas - i gotta feeling

7. four year strong (tribute to..) - she's so high

8. four year strong (tribute to third eye blind) - semi-charmed life

9. four year strong (tribute to no doubt) - spider web

10. four year strong (tribute to alanis morisette) - ironic

11. hollywood undead - bitches

12. underoath - it's dangerous business just walking out your door

-those my 12 daily songs on nowadays i've been addicted-

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it's become a yellow boogie

items :
hoodie shirt - magnolia
yellow cardi - volcom
blue jeans
brown flats - hush puppies
(my new item) brown sling bag - i got it from pasar atum
wayfarer sunglasses

oh maigoooaatt!
i've been so addicted wif twitter
my fingers are shaking just for updating some status too fast
again and again

just follow my tweet
then, see yaa around on ma tweet guys!

facebook made me so shit-boreeeddd in nowadays
idk why!
perhaps bcs too many "ALAYERS" now in there
(indonesian called it alay)
just like friendster
i've erased some of my unimportant friends that i felt so disturbing
i always feel disgusting wif kind of people like that

hopefully, twitter's not damage by "alay attacks"
but i think it will be

all damn-ripped

items :
ripped tank - zara
ripped jeans - colorbox
jack skellington's boxshaped bag
converse for sneakers
jeweleries : vintage necklace and key necklace

hello again..
i dunno what should i say bcs i haven't updating my blog just for ages
oh geez..
so sorry :(
i was faced many exams around 1-2 weeks ago
damn, and now i must following short class for 1 month to fix my mark

and in two couple weeks, i've faced so many things
1. my bf just came to my town (ok, long distance relationship fo sure)
2. some exams surely made me so mad :(
3. i went to lombok to meet my parents just for 2 days!! ggrr..
i called it : pathetic holiday
4. i have to finish my article's for gogirl's web fashion tips (sorry to mora i can't finish it yet, but i will, promise :) )
6. i got a new blackberry bold from my dad. ayeyy.. x) bcs of that, i can't stop twittering eventho it's only for a minute! haha freak!
5. and.. i've already missed him (again) sooommuucchh :'(
poor me..

oh yaa, i always laughed when i saw my bf has been jealous with me
it was a silly thing
but sometimes it can made me so mad and ggrr.. angry!
bcs his overprotective attitude
but just took the positive side :)
he's been jealous bcs he was too scared to loose me, right? heheh
im sorry if im too confident
but i knew that he do loved me a lot, and so do i! x)

more on :
give me some comments and vote if u like my outfit
full of thanks :)

nuddie green

items :
pastel/nude green dress - nyla
black nett stocking
handbag - the executive
white wedges - gaudi
wooden bracelets

guess what?
i got so many summer tank from zara xD
zara has been sale for around 1-2 month (i forgot)
and i definitely became "a monster sale"
ok hungry eyes made me so dizzy!
but too poor, most thingy of my size (S fo sure) has been sold already
oohh, it made me so dissapointed
so, with all my big heart, i took the "M size"
haahh :(
it's OK
M still fit on my body :)

another photo shoots in unimportant place

taken by : rahadi nugroho [ eastjava photography ]

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

items :
i wore a dress from nyla
pina either :)
i bought this dress for bday gift on her bday
i thought it was a nice and cute dress, isn't it?
love the colors
i wore leopard scarf (i wore it as bandana)
and pina wore my necklace (leaf's shape)
my mom bought me it from bandung
i love it!

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

taken by : andry budie laksana

all these photos taken by : rahadi nugroho and andr
y budie laksana
models : me and pina
andry bought a new camera, so he must try the camera
rahadi is a professional photographer for some models here
actually, he taken many photos for me and pina in this session
but i haven't take it yet from him. theheh
if i've already got the photos, i'll upload it here :)

location : TP's parking spot & ITS