Thursday, November 12, 2009

baby blue teeth braces and new hairdo :)

c'mon, do u find any difference with my face?
ok. i changed my appearance even a bit heheh
yeaa, now i wore teeth braces
(obviously baby blue teeth braces)
but i can change the colours everytime i come to the dentist
what do you think?
better or maybe.. worse? rrr..
and i also changed my hairdo
and now.. let guess it by yourself! hihih

some of my pals said that i looked more mature if i changed my appearance became like this

a n y o n e ?

love's blind

-everyone must be clueless and blind when they start fallin' in love-

because love will ruin everything in your life

from a 'lil thing into a big thing

your mind

your mood

your words

your expression

your opinion

your act

your day

and someday..

-it will makes you totally blind with everything around you-

the lost photograph

items :
green loose summer tank – zara
black shiny tights – online store
sling bag – from my mom (i do loved this bag)
statement necklace – online store (pearly dew drops)
brown flats – hush puppies
black bowler

i tried to making an experiment with my new summer tank from zara
and bangbang! :)
i love the colour
it was so green n fresh
and for honest, i like my first pic, on the most top of this post
whereas i edited it with my silly skill at photoshop
n i didnt expect such a result like that!

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(: a r i g a t o u :)

your sky, your dream

"lemme catch up the sunrise"

"can you fly without wings?"

these pictures caught up by me when i was on airplane
from lombok to surabaya
early in the morning, great view i've seen from the airplane
and i couldn't be patient to took some pictures with my silly camera :)

im starting with the man in the mirror

"...if u wanna make the world.. a better place. take a look at yourself.. and make a CHANGE"

-man in the mirror by 'unforgetable' michael jackson-

i dunno why everytime i listened to this song.. i felt shudder and i felt like i want to cry :'|

hopes & wishes


Friday, November 6, 2009

f**k you very much


thin, white, have thick eyebrow, brown eyes, have lotsa of moles, super sensitive, fierce, n..

hahaha. oh.. very dumb n fuck u very much :')

-this boy wore a tshirt from RANDOMIC apparel-