Friday, November 6, 2009


items :
bowler hat
grey tank – zara
brown plaid short – magnolia
t-bar sandals – belagio
white biggy glasses
white bangle
brown vintage bag – online store

i got a new bowler hat!
ive been searching this for rrr.. a long time :DD
where did i get my hat? guess where?
i got it when i was in lombok!
exactly i got it at mall!
hahaha n i didn't expected that i could get this thing at that place-,-
(read : at lombok??)

oh yes, i love this outfit
bcs its suitable to wear this if u lived at this damnass hot town, surabaya! lol
(like i said before for several times)

i love some kind of necklaces that i wore in this outfit
so, if u have kind of necklaces like this, give me some!
i'd love to accept it! har-har!

i also wore my new vintage bag
damnly lurve this bag!
got it from online shop at facebook
actually, there was no restock again for this bag!
but yes lucky me, the seller was too kind, her name diela :)
he went back to the factory, n kept one for me!
ughh.. thankyou somuch dear x3
dont be jealous! lmao*

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give some comments!

greatly thanks :)
god bless y'all!

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