Sunday, April 26, 2009

hawt dakota

last night i watched PUSH with some friends
and i seen an adorable girl with her great acting dakota fanning
she wore an awesome outfit there!
HAWT! >.<
i really would dig her style
absolutely! hahaha xD
i will make boots like she wore
and blazer like that (tailor made)
and i will combine those things with everythings i had
wow. i can't believe that she has changed from a cute little girl becomed a girl with great style

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sick :((

too tired and sick for this day :(
i just had a big fight with my bf
now, my eyes is so puffy! hahaha
but fortunately, the problem has already cleared! yay! >.<
im so happy
keep tryin' to be a better better and more better for him
dont be boreeee!
no no no..
not gonna be like that! hohohoh
the other problem is..
im sick!
got an influenzaaaa!
ggrrr.. i always hate this
sick! sick! sick!
not feelin' well with my body. hiks :'(
but i've got some tablets from my sister
i hope this is not gonna be more worst! geez!

maybe, this freaky saturday night i'll go with some friends from "the kontrakan"
to watch PUSH
byebye.. :DD

colouring my day!

yess, u should coloured ur day too! :)
from head to the toe
colourful loose tye die - from my mom
brown high waist shorts - magnolia
high heels - eve
pink pearl necklace
boxshaped bag - louis vuitton

boxshaped bag from louis vuitton

a few days ago, i wore colourful tye die from my mom
take a look a few poses of me :DD

pink stripes:)

from head to toe
preppy glasses (too tired for searched just a vintage preppy glasses like this! haha) - pasar atum
black tshirt - aiola
pink stripes sweater - gaudi
polkadot bow - from my other clothes :D
black tights - chic simple
converse shoes - converse
backpack - for the bag, from azaro (on my back!)

i'll show u the cutest one. heheheh :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my lookbook

please check my lookbook

thengkies! :]]

selling my foundie:) (SOLD!)

time shopping for u is back! haha xD
now, im selling my liquid foundation
brand : BLOOM
condition : used (but i seldom to used it)

base : 3

spf : 8
contents : 30ml
im selling it because i have a same foundation but with different base that more compatible with my face :D
and i have a guarantee that ur face will be more excellent after use this foundie, absolutely!
because of that, i seldom to used it because it's too lovely.
i scared the foundie will be used up fastly. zz-__-)
so, i only used it if i came to the party or more kind of that.

be spectaculer with ur face, kiddos! xD

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

start with handmade

YAYY! >.<
im waiting for my 2nd's handmade shoes!
at this time, i ordered for black boots
i wish the result will be greaaaatttt at all! x)

not too preppy

grey beanie + ZARA V's green lime for the sweater + a grey loose shorts + grey stocking + black CONVERSE high for the shoes + black channel's bag (i got it from my aunty) + white polkadots belt (basic : black) + and red glasses from LEVIS (i had minus eyes)

i taken some photos @ my room a few days ago, i forgot. hohoho
i think it was kind of preppy look but not too preppy overall
take a look ;)
but TOO SORRY, it was kinda weird because i taken those photos above my bed!!

note : i always wear a biogical necklace from my mom, whatever clothes i wear :)

a 'lil bit rebel i think?

grey beanie (i bought it from bali) + drop dead gorgeous original band's tshirt (one of my fav bands, i got it from my bf. it was about little large in me) + and the outfit, i usually call it :"monkey clothes". i don't know the certain name of that clothes. hehe. i'll search for it! + grey stocking + black converse high for the shoes + and for the bag, i wore a jack skellington's silver bag (nightmare before christmas) + black medium socks (from sox galleries) + i also wore some of my fav bracelets that i bought from bali

on last saturday night, i hanged out with my shs's friends!
(choco, aphit, and ebi)
we went for dinner and rrr.. went to whatever we wanted to walk. haha xD
we had dinner @ WAPO
wow. it was had a large portion with a minimum price! hahaha

we also went to bigboxx distro
(that was a big distro. aw!)
to accompanied my friend, choco, to searched for a long coat
and i started for .. i called it = "LAPER MATA"
kyahahaha :p
but i didn't buy anything
("hiyaaaa, it was very rare" like my friends always said)
because i always buy something if i've already entered anykind of shop

i taken some photos when i was in front of bigboxx :D

go to my hometown (vote for lombok!) :)


i'll go to my hometown, LOMBOK, with my brother, sister, and my nepehew
yaaaayy! >.<
im wait for this moment
i miss all foods in my hometown!!
so yuummyyy (u must try it!!)

i wish i could have a photo session there
absolutely with my friends!
hohohoh :D
because i've already invited for my friend's bday, eva :)
(thnkyou eva)
she invited me to join her party lunch in her hometown, PRAYA, center of lombok
and have fun there!
oyeeaa, i've already prepared a gift for her too. hihihi

i'll be in lombok until sunday :)
i wish i have a good time in there!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

grey vest + stripes tanktop (one set) - magnolia by orange, grey shawl, faded grey denim shorts - magnolia by orange, black leggings, and grey suede boots - by endorse

i was opened yesterday
and .. i interested with that site, somuch!!>.<>the internet's largest source of fashion inspiration from real people around the world (includes : INDONESIA! hooray!)
so, there's many fashion styles from all teenagers (most of them) in this whole world
i looked up.. all sensed of fashion there was so different than the others!
it was so uniqued, had a special tasted, cute, cool, sensational, mutual, and ... (can't explain just with words)
by looking on them, i felt like a poor little girl. ngookk!
i felt like i didn't have any sense of fashion and style again :(

and now, i think i have an addicticity to open that site
im dreaming maybe someday one photos of me had been uploaded there. hahaha
because, registration is by invitation only
but if u have a strong interest or background in fashion, u must apply there and wait for the invitation from them (we give them our site)

do i have a special taste of fashion too?
or can i create a new different style of my own too?

Friday, April 3, 2009

photo session 1 (kunang-kunang)

a 'lil bit blur because of limitedness of my pocket camera :D
this is what i wore last night : a piece of loose T, red tanktop, faded grey denim shorts, black stocking, polkadot pump shoes likely (colour : red, polkadot : white), my mom's handmade necklace, and some of traditional bracelets (most of them i bought in bali)"

she wore a shocking pink neck tanktop, zebra jacket, black waisty shorts, small brown wrinkle belt, black stocking, shocking pink pointy shoes (there's a 'lil heels), and long black pearly necklace

make up by : Diar

last night, me and my friends (pina, diar, daniar, and koko andri -diar's bf-) just had a photo session
at kunang-kunang cafe, pakuwon
i love this place somuch<33
the cafe was set for outdoor view but still have an indoor one
it was have a little light and surely recommended for a dinner with ur bf or family :D
i've ever came to this place 2 times

wow. this photo session was so cool and funny! haha xD

i taken some photos of my friends and me
but i'll upload many other photos from there, asap :)

saddy has came to me (again)

i said "MORNING~"
morning sad :(
i just had a fight with my bf a few minutes ago
problem again, problem again, again and again
did i cried? sure, yes T-T)

i just need to be alone now, can't i?

usually, i can't stay away from my mobile phones..
but now, i must
all my mobile phones has been deactived
just for a while
(maybe for a half day? rrr.. dunno!)
i just need to "think the right way" :)
maybe that just the reaction of my emotion :'[
i think : "oh me, what a silly girl?!"
but everything's must have own way out, right?

he said that i should give more respect with our relationship!

i do love u "P"



i sell a ballerina shoes (more likely) from ZARA woman collection
i bought it for Rp 550.000
and i sell it for Rp 350.000 (about $32)

-it's in good condition-
-never used-
-colour : black blue (biru dongker)-
-size : 39-
-material : suede-
-beside of the shoes, there's a material of rubber (karet), so it's more flexible-

because its too small for me, so i sell it
if u interest with it, please contact me okay! ;)
(thank you)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my first xD

hey! rrr.. this is my first time for creating a blog!
damn, im so confusing! blablablah~
i started to make a blog because i interested with named : FASHION & STYLE
hahaha. sounds a 'lil bit funny. but i really interested with that 'thing'
but i'll try to post many other things in my life :)

so, here i am! x)