Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a 'lil bit rebel i think?

grey beanie (i bought it from bali) + drop dead gorgeous original band's tshirt (one of my fav bands, i got it from my bf. it was about little large in me) + and the outfit, i usually call it :"monkey clothes". i don't know the certain name of that clothes. hehe. i'll search for it! + grey stocking + black converse high for the shoes + and for the bag, i wore a jack skellington's silver bag (nightmare before christmas) + black medium socks (from sox galleries) + i also wore some of my fav bracelets that i bought from bali

on last saturday night, i hanged out with my shs's friends!
(choco, aphit, and ebi)
we went for dinner and rrr.. went to whatever we wanted to walk. haha xD
we had dinner @ WAPO
wow. it was had a large portion with a minimum price! hahaha

we also went to bigboxx distro
(that was a big distro. aw!)
to accompanied my friend, choco, to searched for a long coat
and i started for .. i called it = "LAPER MATA"
kyahahaha :p
but i didn't buy anything
("hiyaaaa, it was very rare" like my friends always said)
because i always buy something if i've already entered anykind of shop

i taken some photos when i was in front of bigboxx :D

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