Saturday, April 25, 2009

sick :((

too tired and sick for this day :(
i just had a big fight with my bf
now, my eyes is so puffy! hahaha
but fortunately, the problem has already cleared! yay! >.<
im so happy
keep tryin' to be a better better and more better for him
dont be boreeee!
no no no..
not gonna be like that! hohohoh
the other problem is..
im sick!
got an influenzaaaa!
ggrrr.. i always hate this
sick! sick! sick!
not feelin' well with my body. hiks :'(
but i've got some tablets from my sister
i hope this is not gonna be more worst! geez!

maybe, this freaky saturday night i'll go with some friends from "the kontrakan"
to watch PUSH
byebye.. :DD

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