Friday, April 3, 2009

saddy has came to me (again)

i said "MORNING~"
morning sad :(
i just had a fight with my bf a few minutes ago
problem again, problem again, again and again
did i cried? sure, yes T-T)

i just need to be alone now, can't i?

usually, i can't stay away from my mobile phones..
but now, i must
all my mobile phones has been deactived
just for a while
(maybe for a half day? rrr.. dunno!)
i just need to "think the right way" :)
maybe that just the reaction of my emotion :'[
i think : "oh me, what a silly girl?!"
but everything's must have own way out, right?

he said that i should give more respect with our relationship!

i do love u "P"


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