Friday, April 3, 2009

photo session 1 (kunang-kunang)

a 'lil bit blur because of limitedness of my pocket camera :D
this is what i wore last night : a piece of loose T, red tanktop, faded grey denim shorts, black stocking, polkadot pump shoes likely (colour : red, polkadot : white), my mom's handmade necklace, and some of traditional bracelets (most of them i bought in bali)"

she wore a shocking pink neck tanktop, zebra jacket, black waisty shorts, small brown wrinkle belt, black stocking, shocking pink pointy shoes (there's a 'lil heels), and long black pearly necklace

make up by : Diar

last night, me and my friends (pina, diar, daniar, and koko andri -diar's bf-) just had a photo session
at kunang-kunang cafe, pakuwon
i love this place somuch<33
the cafe was set for outdoor view but still have an indoor one
it was have a little light and surely recommended for a dinner with ur bf or family :D
i've ever came to this place 2 times

wow. this photo session was so cool and funny! haha xD

i taken some photos of my friends and me
but i'll upload many other photos from there, asap :)

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