Friday, August 21, 2009

my daily songs on nowadays

here it is my daily songs on nowadays :

1. anthony green (ex-saosin's vox) + colin frangicetto - i've been dying to reach you

2. friday night boys - that's what she said

3. all time low - shameless

4. all time low - vegas

5. anthony green + colin frangicetto - babygirl

6. black eyed peas - i gotta feeling

7. four year strong (tribute to..) - she's so high

8. four year strong (tribute to third eye blind) - semi-charmed life

9. four year strong (tribute to no doubt) - spider web

10. four year strong (tribute to alanis morisette) - ironic

11. hollywood undead - bitches

12. underoath - it's dangerous business just walking out your door

-those my 12 daily songs on nowadays i've been addicted-


  1. i don't know many of these, but i love music, so i may have to check them out. i'm a bit obsessed with fleetwood mac these days. who knows where that came from.