Friday, June 26, 2009

transformers 2 : revenge of the fallen

optimus prime just became a new super-hero (like batman, superman, spiderman, man man man.. hahaha) in nowday!

shia labeouf

megan fox and shia labeouf in action

bumblebee lovey! >.<

this is the crowded movie ever!!
gahh, i didn't got any ticket in first day (premiere)
so i watched it one day after premiere (it means : yesterday)
great movie!
but it's not too amazing like i imagined before. haha
yeaaa 1-1 with transformers 1

im so in love with bumblebee!
he's a cute and very faithful robot!
oh my <('^')>
im wondering to have a robot like him! HAHAA..

okay.. megan fox!
she's too sexy to be a woman!!
it's not fair, right?!
wow. surely, she have a perfect body like all women wanna have! xDD
very cute couple with shia labeouf<3
and she became more pretty and hawt here (than transformers 1)
ouch!! she's so cool lady
pretty amazeddddd with her style!!

i adored sir lennox too!
do u have a same perception with me that he's so cute and gentleman??

u have to watch it!!


  1. i don't care how over-cliche it may seem, i LOVE megan fox too. so hot.

  2. gak sempet terus nonton ni film :( minggu kemaren tiketnya sold out malah, padahal ada 3 studio. it's crazy

  3. gue uda nonton! hehe.. keren banged film na...
    iya gue juga suka bumblebee.. tp optimus jg gak kalah keren. X X

  4. hahahah. iyaaa bumblebee lucuuuuu bgt yah vlo!! >.<
    ak jg sold out nic.
    trs bsknyaa lgsg ngantri dong pagi2 gilaaa! x(
    kk ak aj ga kedapetan trs mpe skrg.
    how sad!
    tunggu aj deh transformer 3!

    @jane st.clair : yeaaaa, she's the hottest woman ever!!

  5. nia.. i've watch the movie.. hehhe.. and you now what?? it was my 1st robotic movie.. kepaksa sm temen..hahah.. but afterall..emang bagus filmnya..thumbs up!! asikk

  6. hahahahaa ms mbaaa?! brati yg pertama ga nonton dong? hihi.
    kerennnn kn? emg tuh film dr yg prtmaa jg udah rame pisan mba! grr.. mls ngantrenya! zz.