Sunday, May 17, 2009

preppy rock-out!

these items :
1. black shiny paracute jacket : rockmen
2. loose heineken tshirt : unknown
3. kiffaya : unknown
4. black skirt : from my cousin
5. black over-knee socks : sox gallery
6. red polkadot shoes
7. silver jack skellington’s boxshaped bag
8. preppy glasses

look at my hair! its so geezz!! x((

and then.. my hair got soaking wet!
eventough i’ve already washed it in the morning
shit x’(

i must washed and blowed it again. huaaooo!

campus C of Airlangga University

my photo was taken in front of my campus
..medical faculty of Airlangga University..
i like the words : ned-indische artsen school

jack skellington's (nightmare before christmas) silver boxshaped bag

i inspired this style from a girl on lookbook
she have a hot styles<3>

the weather wasn’t good enough today!
a ’lil bit rainy. huff :(
my hair got wet!

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