Monday, May 4, 2009

give me the electric blue!

white tshirt : mooks
blue plaid semi-coat : afends
shiny paracute jacket : rockmen (local clothing store)
black tights : chic simple
white shoes : converse
black sling bag (one of my favourite bags!)

i combined the coat with the paracute jacket
what do yaa think? is that cool? :D

i got this inspiration style from my bf :D
although he didn't looked directly of my clothes but he known the proportional outfit that i must wore on
yeah, he definitely known all about me! xD

i got that afends plaid blue coat in bali
and u kno what, my brother paid for it!
how happy and lucky i am xDD
that plaid had a high price, geezz-__-)
first, i confused to chosen between the coat or the shirt
they had a same cool pattern *blue plaid*
finally, i choosen the coat because i didn't have a coat like that. hhe :p
the shirt was cheaper than the coat

and.. i didn't found afends store in my city, surabaya. zz-___-)
it just found in bali and jakarta!

(afends is skateboarding brand whose endorsed some of bands)
check the webbie :

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