Wednesday, May 6, 2009

comfy for comfortable!

blue loose sweater : unknown-__-)
faded grey shorts : magnolia
black custom made boots (i sell it, by order! hohoh)
handmade belt : from my aunty :)
bag : roxy
black sunglasses : local store

rrr.. sorry for this photo!
kinda weird because there's my nephew and my brother at my back!

in front of garlick clothing store

red pointy shoes : bela's own

[: me with bela :]

at sutos

this is one of my simple outfits!
very comfortable xD

i just got the sweater on my cabinet!
i dont know who's owner of it!
maybe my brother or my sister!
hahaha dumb!

at that day, i went with my cutie bestie, BELA :)
we walked, talked, ate in izzi pizza, and of course this "hungry eyes" came again when we were in sutos!
gosh! so many cute necklace there!!
aawwwhh! i want it i want it i want it! >.< maybe i'll go there again with my mom. yippie!

we had a plan to do some photo sessions later with some friends
hmm, sure it would become a great session!
i've been waiting for this moment! heheheh :D

check this :
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  1. i love this sweater, i found your blog on chictopia , very cute, aww i miss having phote sessions with my friends =(.
    very cute blog


  2. Oh I like your outfit! The sweater is very cute!

  3. thx for the comments, adorables. sorry for the late reply :(