Sunday, May 17, 2009

my new canon eos 1000d

Canon EOS 1000d

Sony Cybershot DSC-T300

finally, i got my new dSLR canon eos 1000d xDD
really happy for it
actually, i planned to bought canon eos 450d
but it rejected by my mom :(
no problemoooooo~

usually, i taken my pics with sony cyber shot DSC-T300
that's my brother's own
but i often to used it. heheh :D

im studying to take some pics now
my friends will teach me!
i wish i can capture some of nice pics someday
hohoho :D

thx mom! thx dad!<3>


  1. wow congrats =D
    i wish i had decent camera too. but i have to work my ass hard to afford it. hahaha.
    anyway, cool song. i love copeland =D

  2. thx marlaaaa :)
    yaaa, i'd waiting so long this time. huhuhu.
    i wish u can get ur camera too honey, asap! :D