Saturday, May 16, 2009

kids in love

blue denim jacket
white tee : hammer
polkadot skirt : magnolia
balck sneakers : converse
black purse : bought in bali

my mom's handmade necklace
victorian vintage necklace

my friends just freakin' me out with these leaves! haha

me with pina

..2 weeks ago..
i went to pakuwon city my friends : pina, diar, and andry (diar's bf)
it was great moment there :D

i wore the denim jacket
i bought this jacket when i was in senior high school
and i seldom to use it. zz-___-)
then.. i found it in my sister's closet!
she's more often wore this jacket than me
yay. sometimes she wore some of my clothes. hahaha

these photos were taken by andry
he used diar's camera :)

and now we always make a plan if we wanna take some photo sessions later

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