Tuesday, May 5, 2009

red is the new black (for classic)

white top : unbranded
(i found it on my 2nd cabinet after my cabinet got messed! haha)

black high waist skirt : n.y.l.a
black tights
red flats : belagio
(i seldom to use it!)
black sling bag
(one of my fav bags!)
red floral scarf : my mom
red ribbon belt : belagio
black sunglasses : local store

sometimes, i think i wanna dress and make up like marilyn monroe
sounds weird!
(not too weird, moron)
because my hair is not blonde and curly like her!
(should i wear a wig then? and the answer is : no-thanks)
geez! she's very stunning! zz-___-)
i scare that i can get a good point! ahahaha

now, i dressed classicaly
combination colors of red, white, and black
so i gave a title : red is the new black!

i think my hair must to be black!
and wear a red lipstick
that would become so hooottt >.<

also check this :
rate me! heheheh :D


  1. Niaa. aku link yah :]
    met kenaal

  2. iyaaa samaa2 baby :)
    i'll follow ur blog soon, okay ;)