Saturday, May 16, 2009

mr. black kill mrs. white

black beanie : from my friend, ekha!<3
white loose shirt : online shop (forgot the name. rr..)

black latex leggings : shipping deborah online shop
(i like to buy things in ONLINE SHOP! yippieaa)
black flat shoes : charles & keith
black purse : from my sister :D

with pina (again) ngehehehe

these pics were taken at the same time with pics "kids in love"
but in different place
taken at institute technology of surabaya (ITS)

well, actually the lighting in this place wasn't very good
it made the pics looks blured
we chosen the wrong place, really dissapointed 'bout that!

huff.. in the other day we would try to take some pics in a place with better lighting :D
fo sureee! hohoh

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  1. oooo that's a great way to wear the latex legging!!

  2. thx honey! u're adorable too!<33