Monday, May 18, 2009


my friend offered this hoodie to me :D

my friend, ADIT, from bandung just offered his hoodie to me
because he seldom to used it
and he needs money
actually.. to buy a refrigerator! hahaa silly!

the hoodie was from DROPDEAD clothings
i heart all the designs from them
they had many funny cloth designs!
DROPDEAD is a clothing brand that endorsed some of bands in abroad
like.. mm, BRING ME THE HORIZON for example
because they had becoming a SUPERSTAR band in this days. zz-____-

but, i got a problem with the cost
it's lil' bit pricey. hahaha
Rp. 600.000,- (around US $57)
OH LORD my head just shaked!

im trying to save my money to buy it
wish me!
because i want that hoodie soooo!

my BF have a nice hoodie too!
but in the different brand
it's his fav hoodie all the time. zz
JOHNNY CUPCAKES is a clothing brand from abroad that endorsed some of bands too

i hope all that brands will be available in INDONESIA
but.. i hope NOT!
because of that who made the brands so special 'cause it's hard to find it in INDONESIA


ooppss sorry. i found trouble in searching pic of my bf's hoodie now
i'll post it soon if i get the pic :)

click on :

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